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Unfortunately, our studio is permanently closed.
We thank you for all the support and hope you continue discovering mindful art.   

Calm the mind.  Explore your creativity 

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Experience mindful art in a safe and nurturing studio space

We welcome you to explore and create art

grounded in the practice of mindfulness -

be completely present, enjoy the process, and let go of any judgement

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We offer a range of mindful art activities.

Start your journey  to connect and find your inner calm and ​creativity.  Bring an open mind and we'll take care of the rest.

We enjoy hosting social events. Have fun and engage in refreshing conversations.

Share and celebrate with a community inspired to embrace life with kindness, compassion, and creativity.

We customise our corporate mindful art workshops to fit your company needs to reduce workplace stress, nurture creativity, deepen relationships, and build self-confidence.  Contact us here

What is Mindful Art?

Mindful Art combines mindfulness exercises and simple art activities to connect with the present moment, de-stress, and create art without judgment. 

Mindful Art is about creating and experimenting with a sense of curiosity, freedom, and playfulness.  We focus on enjoying the process of making slow and smaller art pieces rather than worrying about a beautiful outcome.   

Creating Mindful Art is a journey of personal and authentic self-expression.  It is NOT Art Therapy. 

For additional support, please seek a certified therapist.


How can Mindful Art help me?

​With regular practice, people have experienced some of the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress - Calming the mind and creating art can reduce the release of natural stress hormones

  • Stronger sense of self - Experience a deeper inward connection that builds self-awareness and self-confidence

  • Increases focus & clarity - Draws your attention in and suppresses distracting information, enter a state of flow

  • Enhances relationships - Develops a non-jugdging and non-reacting mindset, greater empathy and compassion 

  • Cultivates curiosity - Letting go of expectations, explore the desire to learn with a sense of freedom and playfulness

  • Expands creative thinking - Broadens your perspective to create new ideas and discover innovative solutions 


My Wave workshop experience at Mindful Art Matter felt like a breath of fresh air away from my frenzied schedule.  The guided session left me feeling calmer and less distracted.  There's something about the pleasure of creating art and appreciating the process in a mindful way.  The workshop was an excellent, uncomplicated, and approachable way to experiencing mindful art.


P Choo    


Thank you Jaz for guiding Dan and I through such a wonderful Mindful Art & Sip evening event.  I've been to other art studios and tried art jamming, but this was so unique.  I love the fact that I could just come and completely relax and really lose myself in the art.  Even Dan had such a great time!  He was so hesitant at first, but at the end, left feeling so energized and creative.  We'd love to come back again soon!  



These guys are really committed to helping people enjoy creating art. 

I always felt I wasn't good at art, but now find it really fun and chill. 

Don't worry, i'll make time for mindful art on my tennis off-days.  

Zhi Yang

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