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Our Story

After more than a decade working corporate jobs, Ken left to take a break, seek new challenges, and find more meaning and inspiration in life.  He backpacked across Europe, went on silent meditation retreats, and learned to make yakitori.

Although exciting at first, Ken soon experienced the stress of figuring out his life.  Endless thoughts and questions circulated his head: What’s my purpose?  What am I passionate about?  How do I be financially stable?  He felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and tired.

Out of desperation and advice from a close friend, Ken started practicing mindfulness to calm his mind.  Mindfulness allowed him to be present, connect inwards, and discover a new interest in creating art.  With no formal art training or background, Ken began exploring different art styles and mediums. 


"Never limit yourself, art is for everyone and

has no boundaries"  - Ken

Our Journey Forward

Ken’s journey with mindfulness and art continues with the creation and opening of Mindful Art Matter.  The studio allows Ken to share his practice of mindful art and his strong values of a calm, balanced, and creative life.

Calmness offer us strength and resilience amid the fast-paced and busy world

Balance gives us perspective and creates harmony across all aspects of our being

Creativity expands our thinking to discover new and inspiring ideas    

Ken hopes to give back to the community by offering mindful art workshops to  improve well-being and personal development. The workshops are thoughtfully designed to help you be present without judgment, aware with calm clarity, and creative with a sense of curiosity, freedom, and playfulness.


Together with Studio Manager Jaz, they invite you to slow down and connect with your mind, body, and creative spirit.

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