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What are the benefits of Mindful Art?

​With regular practice, people have experienced some of the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress - Calming the mind and creating art can reduce the release of natural stress hormones

  • Stronger sense of self - New experience of connecting inwards that builds self confidence and resilience

  • Increases focus & clarity - Draws your attention in and suppresses distracting information, enter a state of flow

  • Enhances relationships - Develops a nonjugdging and nonreacting mindset, greater empathy and compassion 

  • Cultivates curiosity - Letting go of failure, explore the desire to learn with a sense of freedom and playfulness

  • Expands creative thinking - Broadens your perspective to create new ideas and discover innovative solutions


Is Mindful Art the same as Art Therapy?

No. While creating mindful art is extremely therapeutic, the main difference for us is that we do NOT provide art therapy and ask that you seek a certified therapist for help. We are NOT professional art therapists and do NOT help draw conclusions from your art and use artwork creation to channel emotions and heal. We guide you through the process of observing your creative mind, rather than coming to a final understanding around or a healing of a trauma. For Mindful Art Matter, we focus on the invitation into a space of calm and the process of observing and expressing your creativity.


Is Mindfulness a religion or faith?

No. Mindful Art Matter is committed to a thoroughly secular approach to mindfulness practice. We welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life to engage in a set of techniques that enhance well-being. We do not instill a set of beliefs or conduct any prayers or ceremonies. Mindfulness is an inherent quality of awareness within each of us, which we cultivate through the observation of our breath, sensations, sound, or movement.

What happens in the workshop?

Our workshops start with a brief introduction to mindful art and a guided mindful breathing exercise to help focus attention to your breath. The purpose of the exercise is to anchor yourself in the present moment, and let go of any stress about the past or future.

During the main art activity, we share key aspects of creating mindful art and demonstrate the basic guidelines. The art activity is typically divided into 2 or 3 parts to ease into a gradual progression through the art making process. Each part has a short demonstration and sufficient time allocated for you to explore and create art. We encourage you to make art slowly and with a sense of curiosity. This allows you to connect with the process, be free as you create, and be non-judgemental of the end product.

We end our workshops with a short reflection of the mindful art experience and provide takeaways to help you live a healthier and more creative life.  

Is there any age restriction?

Our workshops are for individuals age 18 and above. We are developing a children's program which will be launched in the near future.

I don’t have any mindfulness or art experience. Are these workshops suitable for me?

Our workshops are suitable for all levels of experience. The workshops are designed to be simple and approachable for individuals to explore their art without judgment and overcome any creative fear. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing space and provide support every step of the way on your mindful art journey.


What is the difference between Mindful Art Exploration and Mindful Art Journal workshops?

The main difference is that Mindful Art Journal workshops are designed to experience a deeper reflection of your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. We encourage the practice of journaling to help you unleash your inner child, be carefree with your art, and grow personally. We provide the option to purchase a journal or access to unlimited pieces of watercolour paper.     


Do I need to book?

Yes, we only accept bookings and payment on our website. We have a schedule with workshops and events ongoing throughout the week. If you do not find a suitable date and time, please contact us via WhatsApp at 8010 2942 or email at


Do you offer private group or corporate bookings?

Yes, we’re happy to accommodate your needs and schedule. We have tailored private group and corporate programs upon request.

Do you offer any online workshops?

No, we believe attending mindful art workshops in-person at our safe, nurturing, and calming studio environment gives you the full unique experience.    

What will I need to bring?

Our studio provides everything you need. Just show up with an open mind and we’ll take care of the rest. Please note that Mindful X workshops may have other specific requirements on what to bring.


How do we manage the space for Covid-19?

We ensure that our studio is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned daily. We strictly adhere to the latest government safe management measures.


Arriving & leaving workshops

All workshops start and end on time. Please arrive 10 minutes before class to give yourself enough time to settle down. We have different sitting areas in the studio for you to relax before and after your workshop.

If you feel overwhelmed at any time during the workshop, we encourage you to take a break and rejoin the activity when you feel ready. 



  • Workshops begin exactly on time. Please arrive 10 minutes beforehand to be prepared

  • Please remove your footwear before entering the studio

  • Mobile phones are to be kept in your bag or pocket

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